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As the holder of a German Diplom (equiv. to M.Sc.) in psychology, I am an expert in human behaviour. I am also an experienced counsellor in the field of human resources. I assist people in reaching their potential and living fulfilling lives through career coaching and workplace coaching founded on psychological principles.

I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society and its German equivalent,  Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologen and comply with their Code of Ethics.


I currently live in Australia. I offer online coaching via Skype / FaceTime, phone and email. You are welcome to contact me: willmann[at]willpower.com.de


Latest book release

My  book „Success through Willpower” goes China! Many thanks to my Chinese publisher.

Erfolg durch Willenskraft CRUP China

How to Boost Your Willpower

Willpower is like a muscle – you can train it! In my book I explain how.  Your Willpower is the key to reach more of your goals. It’s amazing that we all have a good amout of willpower although we often don’t know about. Learn how you can boost your strenght of will. I’m happy and proud that my book now is published in China and I wish all my Chinese readers a joyful reading, many insights and a lot of success through their willpower.

My Chinese coyp arrived … I’m happy!

My new book „Verblüffend einfach Ziele erreichen: 11 kleine Tricks mit großer Wirkung.“ is available from now on (original language German) book2look | newsletter of the publisher

A Story of Goals and Pathways

Can you picture in your mind’s eye what you are aiming for, what you are wishing for, the life you are longing for – but find that when you wake up, your daily routine kills your desire and saps all your energy? The path to our most passionately desired goals can be relentlessly tough – but if we put into practice the 11 astonishingly easy tricks revealed in this book, it no longer needs to be.

This book is a practical everyday guide to the small but specific steps we need to take if we want to reach our most passionately desired goals.
The teachings of the book are combined with beautiful, personal stories of travelling wisdom.

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